Below you can see the current exchange rate of USD at the exchange. The course is automatically generated based on the huge number of factors that led worth the price of oil and the situation in Ukraine - the main factors of formation of the dollar. Another influence on the course of Western sanctions, but now they do not change, so the strong influence of today do not have. Details about the courses are constantly updated when the work market. The chart below shows the current dollar exchange rate, the dollar against the euro and the current price of oil and gold (as everyone knows, our country is rich not only in "black gold", but also ordinary, yellow so). On the second tab "Quotes on Forex" can be viewed operator checks the relative value of currencies.

Brief explanation on the visualization of graphs:

 - Increasing the value of currency

 - Lowering the value of the currency



And here is a graph of the dollar exchange rate for the date (red - selling price, green - purchase price):