The euro as the dollar depends on many factors and the overriding factors influencing the formation of the euro are oil prices and relations with Western countries, in particular with the European Union and the United States. Predict the euro in the current situation is problematic, but we will try. The forecast of the euro can be found here, and below you can see the current exchange rate of the euro against the ruble on the stock exchange, as well as, the price of gold and oil. On the second tab has stock quotes. They are also updated online. Rates are updated automatically and in real time. For illustrative purposes, the table below is the graph that shows the dynamics of changes in the euro from previous years. On the chart, you can select a range of interest (month, three months, one year, five years) to study in detail the history of the euro.

Brief explanation on the visualization of graphs:

 - Increasing the value of currency

 - Lowering the value of the currency



Below is a graph of the euro since its inception to the present day. Select the range you are interested in to view the course: