Forecasts for the dollar in 2015 is not the most favorable. Give an accurate forecast for the dollar for the whole year is impossible. At the same time, the opinion of most experts agree that during the 2015 ruble will strengthen against the dollar. State officials reported the alleged course near 35-40 rubles to the dollar, and 48-52 rubles per one euro. On the other hand, there is the assumption that the dollar equal to 54-57 rubles per evergreen.

Forecasts of representatives of the Savings Bank of the dollar in 2015: 55-56 rubles. Forecasts of representatives of Alfa-Bank's dollar value in 2015: 48 rubles.

In spite of the above difficulties in the formation of the forecast of the dollar in 2015, we still have made tentative schedule of fluctuations in the dollar and offer it to you for review:

график прогноза курса доллара на 2015 год

Here you'll find the forecast for the euro in 2015.

How to keep their savings in 2015?

The good practice of keeping savings will translate part of their savings into foreign currency. We recommend to share resources in the following ratio: 25% leave in rubles - the money you can use, or a deposit. 45% translated into dollars and 30% in euros. Why so? Because the euro is losing ground against the dollar since the summer of 2014. The trend towards the strengthening of the European currency yet, but the euro against the ruble steadily dominates, and in the case of growth, you will receive a substantial increase in the ruble equivalent. The dollar is worth to invest almost half of its funds, as the prices of basic goods supplied from abroad, are formed on the basis of the dollar, which means that these products better to buy it for that currency (ruble exchange it for the day of purchase).