Exchange rate for today, for tomorrow, for a month in advance. A lot of people want to know the exchange rates exactly, but, unfortunately, to calculate the rate of dollar or the rate of euro, even for a week ahead is very difficult, if not "impossible". We can only assume that the value of one currency will increase, and the other will decrease within a certain time and price ranges. For example, traders on the exchange are doing the same thing - they assume that the dollar against the euro will increase for a few days and opens a deal to sell euros for dollars, and after the fall of the euro they take profit proportional to the leverage size. But all it concerns the exchange trades and for the average person it's complicated and it is not clear, so we decided to create for you a service that will answer two basic questions: "USD Exchange for tomorrow" and "euro Exchange for tomorrow," and for a couple of additional "USD Exchange for a week" and "euro Exchange for a week". This site contains all the necessary information on these issues.

Below is a table of exchange rates. It is updated online during business hours *

Brief explanation on the visualization of graphs:

 - Increasing the value of currency

 - Lowering the value of the currency



* foreign exchange office hours - around the clock to 00:00 Monday to Friday 23:45 Moscow time. Schedule MICEX: weekdays and Saturday market is open from 10.30 to 18.30 Moscow time. On weekends and holidays Exchange does not work, but the exchange rates are subject to change and at this time.